Second Trial

After the encounter with his rival Vemrin, Adrick returns to Overseer Tremel for his next test. Now he will be tested on his reasoning skills by interrogating several prisoners shipped in for just that purpose. Adrick goes to the prison to complete his next task.

Upon arriving he is introduced to Jailer Knash,a rather ruthless man who introduces him to the five prisoners. The first is an assassin named Solentz who is accused of trying to assassinate an Imperial agent on Yavin IV. She doesn’t deny she attempted to kill the agent, but said that she is freelance, and has no ties to the republic. Upon some thought, Adrick decides that instead of killing her, they should send her to Imperial Intelligence, where she might make a good spy.

The second prisoner is a man named Devotek, who was a loyal champion of the empire. He botched his last assignment so now he’s been sentenced to death. Adrick is given a choice to either kill him outright or allow him to duel him in a final battle. Finding the man pathetic, Adrick kills him on the spot, earning some dark side points.

The third and final prisoner is an alien named Brehg, who is accused of spying for the Republic. He insists he is innocent and the jailor agrees that the evidence against him is circumstantial. Adrick decides to send him back for more questioning.

Upon complementing his task, Adrick returns to overseer Tremel and is complimented for his wise use of deductive reasoning.

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Space Combat Tutorial

After leaving Dromund Kaas, Adrick gets involved in several space skirmishes. Follow him through one of his earliest missions!

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Dark Rivalry

Upon returning to Overseer Tremel with the Sith war blade, Adrick is confronted by his rival Vemrin, and his lackey, Dolgis. Threats are exchanged, Vemrin makes it clear that Adrick is not going to survive his trials and after he leaves, Dolgis explains that Acolytes aren’t allowed to kill each other but “accidents happen,” before leaving himself.

Returning to the overseer, AdrickĀ  learns that his next test is to pronounce judgment on three captives who have been shipped in expressly for the trial. Adrick heads over to the detention area to talk to the prisoners in order to decide their fate.

Encounter with Vemrin

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Blade of the Ancients

After leaving the spaceport Adrick heads down to the nearby tomb of Ajunta Pall, fighting through some k’lor’slugs before reaching a group of soldiers and Sith inside the tomb. One of the soliders gives him a quest to thin the k’lor’slugs and a fallen datapad gives him the quest to take care of some looters who have entered the tomb in search of Sith artifacts to sell.

He finishes the two side quests and gains a level before heading deeper into the tomb and finding the ancient warblade he was sent to recover. After retrieving it several ancient droids awake that he can fight for extra experience before finally leaving the tomb from the other side and coming up to the Sith Academy where Overseer Tremel waits to give give him his next assignment.

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Journey Begins

Adrick starts off on the planet Korriban, the Sith training world as a Sith acolyte. He meets with Overseer Tremel, who explains the situation to him. He is grooming Adrick to become the next apprentice of the Sith Lord Darth Baras as part of some vague plan that he neglects to fully explain.

Adrick has been pulled from training to face the Sith trials much sooner than expected. Overseer Tremel also explains to Adrick that he already has a rival who will be plotting his demise.

After this he gives Adrick his first task: Retrieve an ancient Sith war blade from the tomb of the Sith lord Ajunta Pall, which happen to be overrun by k’lor’slugs, a vicious form of wildlife.

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Creating the Chaaracter

I want my character to be a strong, intense young man whose seen a lot of battles, but is still a bit naive about how the world works. I gave him a youthful look but with a scar running across his face.

He is still Sith but he’s not stupid. He knows he’s powerful but doesn’t let that fact go to his head.

Sith Warrior Adrick's orientation

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